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Mar 26, 2014 11:23 AM

Profile of the Danish twins- "A Fight Is Brewing"

This is a really well done, interesting piece on these guys-->

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  1. ...but wait, there's more!...Embedded in the story is an interesting label analysis of various brews by Milton Glaser-->

    1. Just read it yesterday and Mikkel is indeed as described. I see him at the beer fest all the time (he probably attends with his crew every time).

      Now that I see their photos side by side I know who is who. His twin's crew is also part of the same beer fest since a couple of years.

      1. Interesting read. I like both breweries (lines of beer?) and did not know the history behind them.

        Torst is definitely worth a visit to anyone in the NYC area

        1. Wow. Great piece. I had no idea they were related. Two of my favorite brewers. And Three Floyd's of course...

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            Actually Westbrook, the brewer that Jeppe works with, is also quite good.

          2. Silverjay -- great story, worth all the time it takes to read it. Thanks for linking it here!