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Mar 26, 2014 11:02 AM

butchers in st louis

im visting st louis soon and im looking for recommendations for great pork stores/butchers in the area

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  1. there are no real "pork stores" as you would find in the east and in other countries. Finding a store with a real butcher is almost impossible. We have an excellent local family owned small chain named Straub's. There are four locations, and they all have several butchers on duty at all times. Prime beef and heirloom pork and excellent fish and seafood are always available. I highly recommend this 100 year old plus first rate market.

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    1. What are you looking for? You'll find some meat guys at farmer's markets (the guy at the Harr Family Farms stall in Soulard Market knows his stuff, he raises his critters) and there are a few independent butchers in town. Try G &W,, or Kenrick, We have some really decent local producers (I've had some amazing sausages from Todd Geisert's farm,, but they don't often have an independent retail outlet, they sell at farmer's markets and some of the (better) grocery stores.