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Mar 26, 2014 10:29 AM


I was talking to a friend and she mentioned that Barcelona in Brookline has fiddleheads right now. Does anyone know of anywhere else nearby/t-accessible/preferably Camberville that's serving them?

I read about them once when I was a kid and have always wanted to try them, so any suggestions would be appreciated!

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  1. There's another thread like this from a few years ago. You should check their menus -- I'm sure they're all switching over to Spring produce very soon.

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      Hmm - that thread's from mid-June (of 2011)! Again, I think it's way too early in the year for most restaurants to be offering fiddleheads.

    2. I have no idea where Barcelona might be getting fiddleheads from at this time of year. They don't usually start turning up on menus and at local markets until late April/early May - most likely even later this year, with the neverending winter we're having.

      1. I had them this past weekend at TW Food and was also curious where they were coming from but didn't end up asking.

        If you can hold out another month or six weeks, you should start to be able to get them at the markets.

        1. Too early for local fiddleheads, did they say where they came from?

          1. They r probably being flown in from Thailand