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Mar 26, 2014 09:53 AM

NJ Pac Newark

Anyone have any ideas for dinner for 10-12 within walking distance to the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark? We are seeing an 8:00 PM show and would like to have dinner nearby before. None of us are fussy eaters. Does not have to be fabulous food, but also don't want to eat at Don Pepe! Thanks!

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  1. Depends on how far you want to walk.....these may be too far but worth a look:

    1. Would like to see some suggestions as well.We'll be attending a performance there Thurs 1,30 PM

      1. Close by:
        Nizi, Kilkenny Alehouse, weekdays Martini 494.

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          We have eaten at the Kilkenny Ale House before an NJPAC show. It's not too far, but the walk is through some sketchy blocks and the place is tiny. It is mostly a bar with a small dining area in the back.

          The picture in the link by NJdiner is the entire back room.

          Foodwise, the burgers and shepherds pie were tasty.

        2. There's a restaurant in NJPAC called Nico; not sure if it's the most interesting food you'll find in the area, but it's really nice to sit down and know that they know when to get you out in time for the curtain--and iirc, you can come back after the show for your dessert if you so choose. The menu isn't bad--just maybe not as interesting as some other places.

          Separate of that, I love The Monk Room and Marisqueria and Mompou are also good choices, but you're talking about too long a walk for any of those when you've got a show to get to--just my 2 cents!

          1. thanks, everyone. i think we will try Mix27 which was in the Newark Pulse article!