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Mar 26, 2014 08:41 AM

Red Hook Lobster Truck - MIA?

I've been unsuccessful at getting more info from Red Hook, so I was hoping someone could shed a little light on this issue:

Does anyone know why the Red Hook Lobster food truck hasn't been in the Rockville area? It's been about a year or so, and I've speculated it could be a zoning issue, or that they just haven't been making too much money out here.


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  1. I saw them at Farragut Square the other day. That might explain it.

    1. You can check them out on twitter and ask them directly there.

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      1. re: wilbanks

        Yeah, i tried twitter and a friend of mine even wrote an email to them, but unfortunately we got no response.

      2. Based on my last sandwich a month ago, you aren't missing much. Maybe lobster is out of season in the winter, but my lobster roll was terrible--too much paprika, dried meat. I'll try again in summer.

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        1. re: Mulan

          It's been a while since i've had it, though I do recall the last few times not liking the roll as much. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise to save money. LOL