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Mar 26, 2014 07:50 AM

Santa Cruz Recs

Will be in Santa Cruz in May for biking trip. Looking for best casual restaurants, pubs & shops. We will have a house around 3rd street & 7th ave. Will have a car, but love to have recs within walking distance. Are there food trucks to watch for? Happy to eat a ton of seafood and Mexican and drink lots of beer and margaritas. Also is there a good shop and bakery nearby where we are staying?


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  1. If you go to downtown there are tons of great options for dining. Cafe Limelight has great paninis and soups. Hula's is fun with yummy food and drinks. Shogun has great sushi. Cafe Delmarette is a tiny little shop on the main street that has amazing scones and delicious sandwiches.

    Honestly I wouldn't suggest going down to the pier, it is pretty touristy and the food is overpriced!

    1. For an amazing bakery go to Gayle's in capitola- a short drive away. Great sandwiches at lunch too
      Be sure to go to the farmers market downtown when you're there for some gorgeous produce.

      Tacos moreno is a local favorite with huge cheap burritos:

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        thanks so much a farmer's market would be awesome. What days is it? Name or address?

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          Not listed on here is the Saturday Aptos market, which is run by a different organization: