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Mar 26, 2014 07:49 AM

Need fun place to celebrate with the kids

Looking for a fun / interesting place to bring the kids (ages 14, 11, & 9) to celebrate good report cards. In the past we’ve gone to Wasabi for teppanyaki, Mancini’s for steak, and Ngon for Pho.


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  1. Sound like adventurous eaters. Pig Ate My Pizza would be my call. Staff throwing dough, all shouting when certain types of beers are ordered, etc. See if you can get the big booth in the corner

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    1. re: parallevar

      Just be aware they are closed until April 1.

    2. I have a similar quest, though my kids (niece & nephew) are 7 & 8, and are not adventurous eaters. Me, I am a horrible aunt who refuses to go to their favorite place, McDonald's Playland. How unreasonable of me!

      One place that we all like is Galactic Pizza, which has FABULOUS pizzas. Other than Punch, I'm usually meh about pizza, but I love GP. And the kids love the super heros, of course. Your 14-year-old, even if too grown-up for super-heros, might like the retro-hippie-cum-hipster vibe of said super-heros. I've only had take-out, but I hear that the 3D menus in the limited-seating restaurant are worth the trip.

      1. Masu (the original location not the one at MOA) is a big hit for my kids (19, 14, 13).

        1. How about going out for dim sum? Mandarin Kitchen?