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Mar 25, 2014 08:35 PM

Restaurants with tasting menus allowing 10:30pm seatings (preferably near theater district)

I'm in town for one night, and to make the most of it, I'm planning on eating at Sushi Yasuda and then having a second tasting menu a few hours later. I started a thread regarding this and decided on Tocqueville (thanks for the recommendation, SomeRandomIdiot <--that's actually the user's name, I'm not randomly calling someone an idiot).

Problem now is I went even more ambitious and booked Avenue Q for after Sushi Yasuda. So now I'm looking for a nice restaurant with a tasting menu with seating available at 10:30pm (and located within 10 minutes or so of New World Stages, where Avenue Q is playing).

Seeing that Tocqueville was probably too far away, I looked around the boards and found Aquavit, but I wrote on the reservation that I was doing the tasting menu and got an email back from the manager saying that 10pm is the latest they can serve the tasting menu due to time constraints.

So does anyone know of a nice place with a good tasting menu that fits the criteria?

I'm holding onto both Tocqueville at 10:30 and Aquavit at 10:30 at the moment, but I'm afraid Tocqueville might be too far away to get to in time. Maybe I should stick with Aquavit and just order a la carte. Seems to get great reviews and isn't too far from the theater.

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  1. Yes, I know I'm planning with not much room for error, but once I found Aquavit's tasting menu and saw they had a 10:30 reservation, I booked Avenue Q thinking it would work perfectly.

    I just ended up being nice and writing on the reservation comments, "Sorry we're coming in so late. We'll be doing the tasting menu if that helps the kitchen plan for us". I had no idea they would reply saying they wouldn't be able to serve us the tasting.

    1. Le Bernardin? Esca? I would try and be considerate and say you're willing to try and finish by say 1ish.

      Scanning this list below (just needed a rough guide of top restaurants - yes I know it's outdated), there really aren't that many restaurants in the area that have a tasting menu.

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        Thanks, Le Bernardin is a great choice, but unfortunately we won't have jackets with us for this trip. I was actually thinking of doing Le Bernardin for lunch the next day, but then I realized that lunch requires jackets as well. Is it true that Eric Ripert is on-site mainly during lunch/early afternoon? Maybe it's worth packing the jacket.

        1. re: ah6tyfour

          No jackets required in the lounge at Le Bernardin, which they redid and is much more spacious and lovely than its previous iteration - and you can order off the regular menu (including the tasting). Not sure about the time constraint but it may be worth a phone call.

          1. re: EBT

            I called the lounge and they confirmed that they can seat people until 10:30, even if you want the full tasting menu.

            I'm trying to decide if I should try that or maybe just get Shake Shack after the show and do Le Bernardin for lunch the next day.

            Has anyone seen Eric Ripert during lunch service? I figure he'd be more likely to be on-site during lunch than at 1am.

          2. re: ah6tyfour

            he was in the dining room at dinner when we went in the fall.

          1. re: kathryn

            Thursday night. Avenue Q ends at 10:10-10:15pm.

            1. re: ah6tyfour

              Actually, it'll be 10:20 by the time we're out of the theater.

              I think it may be a good idea to table the idea of doing a full tasting menu and instead just go do a tour of NY late night eats. And then do a lunch tasting menu.

              1. re: ah6tyfour

                Late night dining:

                The hard part might be figuring out where to go, late night.

                1. re: ah6tyfour

                  I like The Breslin for late-night dining, esp.the Bar.