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Mar 25, 2014 07:54 PM

Restaurant prices in Bellagio, Lake Como

I`m visiting Bellagio for 7 days this June, and wonder if anyone can advise me on the restaurant prices out there, and whether it's possible to eat well on a smaller budget. I`m looking at around €30/day for food, will this be enough? I like good food, and of course a glass of wine or two...

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  1. Looking at a receipt dated 5/2012 from Ristorante Silvio, primi were €8,50 and secondi were €15,00. A glass of house red was €3,00, and a bottle of Roero Arneis was €13,00. The other two restaurants at which we dined were about 25 percent more expensive than this one. I guess you could get by on €30/day if you were careful.

    1. That's a tight budget, but I don't think you will find anything much cheaper (or better) than Albergo Silvio. It's also a great place to stay, if you haven't already decided on another place.

      1. -Hi allis.-

        Yes, but probably not all the major restaurants.
        A few you might consider:

        1. Pizzaria la Grotta - Great lake view, good food.

        2. La Fontana di Grammatica Brunela -Food+ clientele.

        I will stop here. There are additional bars and restaurants in Bellagio, but frankly I hope you can walk, drive, or at least take the Ferry on to Menaggio, Griante, Cadennabbia, Como, and Varenna. ( At Varenna one can take the train directly into Milano, or up to the foot of the mountains to Tirano )
        The Ferry leaves hourly during the day, a short but scenic ride, and there is much to see in the small cities surrounding Bellagio.

        The most amazing well-kept secret is directly across from Bellagio in Griante, with a menu that was prepared by the official Chef of Lombardia. I have attached the link and can vouch for the meals which are memorable.

        Enjoy your stay !