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Mar 25, 2014 07:19 PM



Taco Madness happens at Grand Park on April 5 and features taco trucks, restaurants and stands including Guerrilla Tacos, Mexicali Taco & Co., Mariscos Jalisco, Tacos Arabes de Puebla and Carnitas El Momo. Along with the world’s first automatic tortilla making machine, there will be a tortilla contest, DJs, artists and a beer garden run by Bricia and Fernando Lopez of Oaxacan restaurant La Guelaguetza with speciality tequila drinks, beer specials and "the ultimate michelada station." Free entry, but early arrival is recommended as Grand Park’s performance lawn may reach capacity. Live updates on Twitter @grandpark_la. 227 N. Spring St., Los Angeles.

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  1. Free entry? It'll be a fluster cluck.

    1. Also should we be celebrating the first automatic tortilla making machine... That sounds like a terrible idea unless your eating to sustain life.

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      1. re: burntwater

        Tortilla making machines are in use all over Mexico.

        1. re: Tripeler

          I don't know how much more elaborate the "first automatic tortilla making machine" is, but a number of years ago some friends of mine used to meet at the Chevy's restaurant in Burbank and they had a tortilla making machine that was in use out on the floor. I only recall it making flour tortillas.

          1. re: Tripeler

            A tortilla machine itself is not really what I find wrong.
            I'm sure the practicality of it in the right setting makes it a great asset.

            This taco event and others appear to be
            highlighting small artisan type taco places where the food is made from scratch. An automated tortilla machine and what it represents seems ironic at this kind of event.

            Hopefully it doesn't win the tortilla making contest. : ]

            Places like Los Cinco Puntos would lose all of it's charm if it had a automated tortilla machine.

        2. If anyone else had not heard of "Grand Park", then you may want to know where it is. It appears to be a park used for daily yoga sessions and lunch gatherings for nearby office workers.

          The Taco event is on their online calendar:

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          1. re: SilverlakeGirl

            Yoga people ewwwwww or meh or ewwww again...

            That is just as bad as standing in line with hipsters waiting for a small piece of overly priced fried chicken from a foodie truck.

          2. As I never, ever, ever go to Santa Monica, this could be my only opportunity to try Tacos Punta Cabras. Alas, the Santa Anita Derby is the same day, so I will be occupado.

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            1. re: jesstifer

              If Street Gourmet LA/Bill Esparza and LA Weekly does Tacolandia again this year and you're not otherwise occupado, check it out. You'll get to try almost all the best tacos places in the greater LA area (and beyond).


            2. El Coraloense is dropped from that write-up, even though they've previously been written up by the LA Times. They'll be serving both the marlin "al pastor" taco, and the previously mentioned taco d'dedo (pescado capeado - chille releno stuffed with seafood). If you've never been down to Bell Flower or Downey, you really, REALLY need to try this. There is no better fish taco in LA right now. None.

              Kevin, no need to feel bad about not driving into the (562), cuz the (562) is going up to (213). The Grand Park space holds something like 15,000 people. It won't be that big of a clusterF as the event will run for quite a few hours.

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              1. re: TonyC

                I'll hit up El Caralonese in Downey. I'm up for it. Where can I grab some great third-wave coffee in the area afterwards. ????? Tierra Mia ???? Or somewhere better ?????

                Btw, is LA Bistro Cafe still in Downey ??????

                I may have to skip out on the park place clusterfuckadle.

                1. re: kevin

                  third wave, beyond Tierra Mia (which is cross the freeway in S. Gate), doesn't exist in Downey. however, there is cortadito at Tropicana, which I suppose is really the OG cortado.

                  1. re: TonyC

                    Hmmm. Maybe I'll hit up Tropicana afterward ? Cuban joint ????

                    1. re: kevin

                      Mistake #1-Double Cafe Cubano; Mistake #2-Double Cortadito; 3rd time's the charm-Cafe Americano. First 2 guaranteed to keep you up for a week so for this lightweight, Americano was perfect. Place can get real busy so parking can be a problem. I just went last Friday at 10:30pm and had to wait for a table. If they're out of certain items, ask 'cause they might be baking more. I spend so much money everytime I go I'm hoping one day they'll sell me one of their Cubano hats. Das Ubergeek prefers their cheese rolls over Porto's.

                      I believe TonyC previously mentioned lots going on in the 562. Amor Y Tacos, on the eastside of Cerritos, I think was posted by ipsedixit--sorry the tots are not homemade (I asked), their $5 spicy jalapeno Margies are great treats during Taco Tuesday Happy Hour along with the Mole Tots, Brussel Sprouts, short rib taco. Gen Korean BBQ, 85 Degrees and Creamistry joined Class 302 on South Street in Cerritos. Staying away till the teens get their fill and move on to the next "places to be seen and heard".
                      Fatburger is coming, In n Out is supposed to be moving into the former Spires/Peris on Alondra so Cerritos will have the trifecta burger joints along with Five Guys.

                      For now, I like the many choices in Downey--Cuban, Peruvian, Mediterranean/Greek (The Marketplace Grill and Cafe Opa), La Chiva Loca's Tacos Dorados and hoping to try El Coraloense C O Leonardo's Ceviche Co soon maybe after Lent 'cause the wallet needs to stay home. There is more to Downey than chain restos around the mall and I'm no longer missing Sambi's.

                      Hi, TonyC--need some good recs for Xiao Long Bao and other goodies like you have in the SGV area. I do like Aga. Also, in case you're not aware, Fronk's moved next to Cafe Camellia on Bellflower Blvd. Much bigger and nicer, still have to wait at least 30 mins for a table but great burgers and jalapeno cheese fries. TIA...