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Mar 25, 2014 07:18 PM

Beltline Recommendations

We're thinking about doing some restaurant hopping on the beltline. We'd like to take a walk, then stop in somewhere for dinner. Looking for decent food, not fancy, medium price. We enjoy places that are a bit out of the ordinary.

Maybe include a place to stop in for appetizers first, or drinks. Then somewhere else later for desert.


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  1. Is there a certain part of the beltline you're planning on walking? It's >30miles long. Assuming that's all dependant on dining options, then on the Westside you're not far from JCT kitchen, which would be casual and good. In Buckhead you could hit Georgia Grille, which is a very interesting vibe (Gerogia O'Keefe theme) for Mexican food. In the Poncey-Highlands area you could hit Two Urban Licks and Krog Bar, end even potentially hoof it all the way to Sweet Auburn Curb Market. I think that last stretch might be your best dining/walking option.

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      jboeke, thanks for those comments. While I am familiar with those neighborhoods, I am not familiar with the beltline. I'll certainly check out your suggestions.

    2. I'm assuming you're talking about the eastside part that's complete. In addition to jboeke's suggestions, it isn't that far to Fritti, Sotto Sotto and the other restaurants at Highland and Elizabeth. At the north end, there's Apres Diem, The Highlander (dive bar), or Eats.

        1. Easy answer: BoccaLupo in Inman Park.

          Drinks nearby (depending on your style and how much walking you're interested) but Rathbun's & Krog Bar. Also, light snacks at miso and get an Unsung Hero, one of the best drinks in the city.

          1. Krog Bar for drinks, then Rathbun's for dinner would be my choice. Or Krog Bar then Rathbun Steak, but that's pricier. BoccaLupo or Two Urban Licks are other good choices, but personally two urban licks gets a little noisy for me. Fun if you've never done it though and I think they still have a bocce court.