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Brooklyn Steak Company - Delicious new restaurant

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We're looking for a restaurant to have a birthday party for my MIL, and we stumbled upon the Brooklyn Steak Company on Avenue M between E. 13 and E. 14. They only opened within the past 2 months so they don't show up on all the regular Jewish restaurant guides yet.
Wow! What an incredibly wonderful place.
Obviously they are a meat restaurant with lots of steak, but they have so much more, interesting, food.

They gave us one of their appetizers, "Tongue in Cheek" to sample, and it was one of the most delicious things I've ever tasted. It's layers of beef cheek and veal tongue, but so soft and tender and tasty that it's indescribable.
I urge you to try it.
Oh, ha ha, this is funny. The hashgacha is under a Rabbi Gornish. The owner, Sarah (lovely), is Israeli and speaks no Yiddish. When we asked about the hashgacha she said, simply, Gornish. We honestly thought she's saying there's no mashgiach. She didn't realize and once we cleared it up, she told us that, in fact, some people have called and asked about the hashgacha, and when she said Gornish the people hung up quickly.

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  1. sounds like a great place - thanks for the review

    1. I pass this place every day! Will check it out.

      1. Sounds nice! Can you give us a sense of the prices, ambiance, and overall vibe? Can you compare it to any other well-known restaurant to give us a sense of what it's like? Thanks!

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          Here;s the menu http://www.greatkosherrestaurants.com...

          I guess the cuisine would be called New American. The ambiance is calm and low key. Everything is very nice and new and clean and freshly painted, but I wouldn't go there to be dazzled by the decorating.

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            The menu looks awesome! And reasonably affordable for creative food as well! I will have to check it out.

        2. Not to hate on Brooklyn Steak Co.—'cause overall I like what they're going for—but Tongue in Cheek is a French Laundry dish that was created years ago.
          So no points for innovation on that one…

          1. I was just there and it was probably one of the greatest dining experiences ever. to start we got the beef poppers which were delicious and the roasted pear and baby kale salad which just totally astounded us it was without question the best salad ive ever eaten. moving on to mains we got the lamb gnocchi (amazing dish) and the short rib of beef which once again totally knocked our socks off. it was just so juicy and tender it melted in my mouth like butter. for dessert we got Fried Cheesecake its a tofu-based creation with a brownie center wrapped in cornflakes and deep-fried, with a taste and flavor indistinguishable from the real thing it was definitely amazing. overall i would definitely rate this restaurant a 10 out of 10 and i encourage everyone to eat there and enjoy!

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              That was my experience too. I'm busy cleaning and cooking now to give you the entire rundown of our meals, but we went there with another couple and each ordered something different so we could taste a little of everything. Wonderful, but especially great was how tender and juicy and deliciousl everything was.
              Loved the beef poppers!

              1. My husband and I had dinner at Brooklyn Steak Company yesterday and loved it! I was very impressed with the menu choices, the food was incredible, and prices were quite reasonable considering the quality. Here is my detailed review:
                Decor/Ambiance: Fine, but nothing special at all. A little more attention to the room decor, lighting, music, etc., would help make the place feel as special as the food tastes.
                Service: Friendly but rather unprofessional. There was no hostess stand--when we arrived, we had to walk through the restaurant to find someone to seat us. Throughout our meal, the waitstaff was friendly and attentive, but clearly unprofessional in the way they spoke, cleared the table, etc. Again, not a big deal, but just something that could be improved to elevate the experience.
                Freebies: So many restaurants these days skimp on bread for the table and other freebies, so it was really a delight to be served a basket of homemade potato chips and a bread board with a baguette and olive oil, balsamic, and a homemade tomato jam for dipping. A great start!
                Appetizers: We ordered the beef poppers and tongue in cheek dish. The beef poppers were yummy, but the tongue in cheek was a real standout--the meat had been braised in port wine and was unbelievably flavorful and velvety. It was served with a tart prune sauce that complemented it perfectly.
                Entrees: My husband had a boneless ribeye, which was just a tad more cooked than he wanted it but was otherwise perfect. I had the lamb gnocchi with mushrooms, which was generously portioned and had the deepest, most umami-rich flavor of anything I've eaten recently. Truly amazing.
                Dessert: We shared the fried cheesecake, which was three balls of parve cheesecake with a chocolate center, rolled in cornflake crumbs and deep fried, served with chocolate sauce. Decadent, indulgent, and crowd-pleasing.

                Overall, I think despite some flaws in the ambiance and service that can easily be corrected, Brooklyn Steak Company hits that sweet spot between a classic, ordinary steakhouse that is boring to more adventurous foodies, and a Pardes-type place that is fun for foodies but off-putting to traditionalists. There is something for everyone. But no sushi--thank God for that!

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                  Devorah, Is it a destination restaurant? as in, you would drive to Brooklyn to eat there even if you had no other reason to go to Brooklyn because the food is that good?

                  Or is it more like great food, best kosher steakhouse this side of the East River?

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                    That's a good question. It depends what you care about most in a restaurant meal. The food itself is destination worthy. I actually got to speak to the chef for a minute and it is obvious that he really knows what he's doing and has the passion, care, knowledge and ambition that is sadly lacking in many kosher places. (He is about to switch to a summer menu with sous-vide brisket and some other intriguing sounding dishes.) However, the overall ambiance is no better than "fine", so if you are looking for the "fancy restaurant experience" you will not find it there.
                    I hope that helps!