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Mar 25, 2014 05:38 PM

Is it legal for me to bring frozen fish when flying from mexico to florida?

Can I bring frozen fish when flying from mexico to florida ??

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  1. If for personal use, yes; it must be declared on your US Customs form, however.


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      I SO wish that every post of this type got the answer you gave. There's SO much misinformation on this subject. If you don't go to the source - and the source isn't what a CH may believe but rather what IS - then you may literally pay for your mistake.

      @OP, I'm curious what kind of fish you're planning on bringing home? Not that it matters in this context; just wondering. Being on the West Coast, we see LOADS of frozen fish being brought back from fishing trips in Canada and Alaska. Bon appetit!

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        As a checked bag, dry ice is no problem. AFAIK.