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Mar 25, 2014 04:48 PM

Kyo Ya or ? (seafood on a Tuesday)

Looks like SO and I might be in the same place at the same time.

He suggested Kyo Ya.

Any other suggestions for seafood? Preferably downtown (EV, LES, TriBeCa). No Greek, no Chinatown. Easy for me to get a reservation.

Maybe Upstate? Grey Lady?

I also had trout with pear and radicchio at Lupa years ago. Memorable.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Kyo Ya is great, but you say Easy to get a reservation, I'm not sure i understand that part. Anyway, other options are
    Brushstroke ( KyoYa type dishes in a way), Jungsik, Aqua Grill. All should be easy to get a reservation.

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    1. re: foodwhisperer

      Thanks, foodwhisperer.

      I don't think SO will go for Aqua Grill. We haven't been to Brushstroke.

      Jungsik might be interesting . . .

      To clarify, easy to get a reservation on opentable or by phone a few days prior. NO must call precisely 1 month prior at 10 am, etc.

      1. re: financialdistrictresident

        All of the places I mentioned, except for Kyo Ya, are an easy reservation on a Tuesday

        1. re: financialdistrictresident

          For what it's worth, my recent dinner at brushstroke was pretty expensive and not particularly impressive - not bad, just no wow factor.

      2. Any CH folk tried Tiny Fork yet? Walked past a few days ago, looked inviting.

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        1. Pearl oyster bar
          Is mary's fish camp too casual?

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          1. re: Ttrockwood

            Thanks Trockwood.

            Really good food always comes first :)

            I think SO went to Pearl Oyster Bar recently, I've never been.

            I do tend to prefer smaller spaces.

          2. We ended up at Kyo Ya. The Zen like atmosphere is restorative. At one point it did get a little loud, though.

            The highlights were cherry smoked anago (eel) and ankimo daikon simmered monkfish liver with daikon radish in sweet soy sauce. Amazing.

            We also had fresh sea urchin. I had sea urchin once before at another restaurant and it was not good. Now I know how it should be.

            Ebi shinjo - bite sized shrimp mousse balls and vegetables in thick broth.

            Seasonal kamadaki rice cooked in clay pot. We had a choice of seafood (razor clams and ? OR ?). Delicious. Takes 45 minutes.

            We had 2 desserts. A distant memory now.

            A relaxing few hours. Service was excellent. Expensive, but so worth it.

            PS Many thanks to Kathryn . . .how we discovered Kyo Ya :)