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Mar 25, 2014 03:30 PM

Yet another Vegas Vacation...

Hi everyone, I'll be going back to Vegas next month for a week. I pretty much know where I'll be going, but have a few questions, though I might not be able to think of all right now.
1. I've read on some threads here that Sage isn't what it used to be, is it even worth going to? It seems like I've read so many reviews where it didn't live up to expectations. Don't want to waste a prime dinner slot if I don't have to.
2. Comme Ca, worth checking out for a dinner/snack? Or just stick to Bouchon?
3. Jaleo- worth going to by yourself? I've already been to e, but wondering with the small plates theme, will it be too much for one person if I order a bunch of things...Is Julien Serrano better/as good/worse?
4. Why do so many restaurants not let you make table for one reservation online? I pretty much know the answer to this, just wanted to vent lol...
5. Anyone going to the Great Vegas Festival of Beer downtown on April 26th? I believe the Mortons Group is doing the food, so it should be pretty good.
I think that's all for now, but will probably think of more later.

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  1. I thought Jaleo was fine for just myself. I ordered four items, but could have ordered more had I avoided some of the larger portions -- or used some self control and left some of each dish! You won't get as much variety as with a group, but it's still more variety than a standard meal.

    I've only been to Jaleo and Julian Serrano once each. Based on that small sample, I sightly preferred Jaleo -- but they're both very good.

    1. Here is a promotion from Comme Ca that was announced this week, and might be a way to change the pace a little bit over the course of your stay -

      "Comme Ça launches Brasserie, Burgers and Oysters on Wednesday nights from 5:30 to 8 p.m. starting April 9 on the patio. This backyard barbecue features three rotating, made-to-order burger specials on the patio's grill. All burger orders will be paired with one of Comme Ça's 18A cocktails or two beers for $19. Add oysters, hand-shucked table side from the head of a wine barrel for $1.25 each."

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        That sounds like a lot of fun, but I'm not sure I can get there between those times on the Wednesday I'll be in town. The show ticket I have for that night starts at 7. Truthfully though, I'm more looking at the bone marrow and fun things like that. Do they still do the crispy pig ears I used to hear about? I know it used to be during happy hour but not sure if you could order it at other times of the night.

        1. re: LongIslandChef

          You are in luck - both the "Crispy Pig Fries" and "Bone Marrow & Oxtail Jam" are available from 5-10 PM. And they actually pair pretty darn well together.

      2. I would take a shot with's really a flip of the coin; but feel that JS is really trying to put this place "on the Vegas map" and the effort is top notch.

        1. Haven't been to Jaleo here but loved the one in DC - would never go back to Serrano - the service is awful, and friends who've been recently say it is no better.

          1. I last ate at Sage in January 2013 - party of four. We had a spectacular meal with exemplary service. It was a really relaxed meal in a classy space.

            I had dinner at Comme Ca in October 2013. I would not return there for dinner - I think it's better as a lunch/snack destination. Cocktails were the one stand-out - really some of the best I've had on the strip. Our waitress was also quite friendly and knowledgable. However, the food was hit or miss...nothing truly memorable. I would return for the great view and the drinks.

            Bouchon - love it for brunch. Also - if you are a solo diner - they have a nice bar to sit at and have oysters. I was there one afternoon, hanging out with a friend and having oysters and talking with the waiters. It was a nice way to get the evening going...

            I'm a huge Julien Serrano fan but the trick is you have to eat there for lunch not dinner. Dinner is insanity. Lunch however is quite civilized and calm. The servers are less crazed. I've eaten lunch there about 3 times and it's been consistently excellent. I highly recommend it. Note that I have not eaten at Jaleo yet.