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Mar 25, 2014 03:23 PM

What's new in your kitchen?

I will start please give your comments if you have experience with the same cookware. Also which online stores have you had the best luck with and the best customer service.

de Buyer 20cm/8" mineral B frying pan(Chefs Catalog)
de Buyer 26cm/10" mineral B frying pan(Chefs Catalog)
de Buyer 32cm/12 1/2" mineral B frying pan(Chefs Catalog)
de Buyer 26cm/10" Mineral B Element Iron Crepe Pan(J.L Hufford)
de Buyer 24cm/9 1/2" blue steel crepe pan(Williams and Sonoma)
LamsonSharp Pro Walnut 5" x 6" Hamburger Turner, stiff (Cutlery and More)
LamsonSharp Pro Walnut Sandwich Spreader, wave edge (Cutlery and More)
LamsonSharp Pro Walnut Pie/Cake Server (Cutlery and More)
Berard Olive Wood Terra Collection Spoon - 13"(Chef's Arsenal)
Berard Olive Wood Cook Spoon - 14"(Chef's Arsenal)
Berard Olive Wood Large Curved Spatula with 12 Holes 13"(Chef's Arsenal)
Paderno World Cuisine Blue Steel Cake Pan 9.5" (
Williams-Sonoma Stainless-Steel Measuring Cups & Spoons

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  1. You've spent a wad of money unnecessarily. Price of equipment does not correlate well with successful results.
    Good luck with your frying, stirring, and flipping.

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    1. re: greygarious

      It was not cheap, but the quality is just awesome.

      1. re: greygarious

        You could spend a whole lot more money on pans that de Buyer. Carbone Plus is just as good as Mineral B, IMO, and a bit cheaper,, but it's not like Mineral B is even in the same price range as Demeyere.

      2. Congratulations. Whatever floats your boat.

        I have become a convert to olive wood as it is not as prone to become covered in black mold as the softer, fuzzier woods are down here in the Sunshine State.

        1. I got a Presto Multi Cooker....deep fries, boils, sears,'s actually astonishingly useful.

          1. New cookware is fun - enjoy it VV and see what "sticks" in your batterie - Currently my most fascinating new acquisition is a carbon steel wok - how did I live without this?

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            1. re: JTPhilly

              Thanks, Which one did u get? I'm currently looking

              1. re: VeganVick

                LOL the only one that looked like a "wok" to me in the cluttered kitchenware aisle at the Chinese grocery, it was the only one of its kind there sitting on the floor

                subsequent research told me It is a POW style wok

                It has a welded on hollow metal handle and what appears to be a slightly thickened flat bottom

                It was covered in a horrid black lacquer that took some work to get off but otherwise I have really enjoyed it - very cheap like $14

                1. re: JTPhilly

                  What on earth is a POW style wok?

                  I have a wok with a flat bottom called a Joyce Chen Peking pan- I didn't buy it in Chinatown but at Quincaillerie Dante, an Italian kitchen shop - hunting shop that used to also be a hardware store, hence its name. Cost about the same as yours. I love it, but it isn't new.

                  1. re: lagatta

                    it looks just like this one handle wok


                    aka Peking Pan

                    no idea what "pow" references

                  2. re: JTPhilly

                    <LOL the only one that looked like a "wok" to me in the cluttered kitchenware aisle>

                    That's how I'd choose it, too. Find the shape that works, we'll never go wrong. :)

                    Mine seems to be called a "stir fry pan".

              2. Its nice to get new stuff for cooking. I have a Lamson that I use all the time with cast iron. I like.

                The only mail order place I've ever used for cookware is Amazon.

                I buy most of my stuff frankly at Home Goods. I have a rather nice collection of useful things.