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Restaurants near Fonda Theatre (Hollywood)

Anything Chow worthy? Nothing high end. Any cuisine.


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    1. re: ns1

      before - around 7. searching I came up with Littlefork and Wood and Vine. anything else?

      1. re: Saabiar

        littlefork is great, didn't find it particularly close to the fonda (esp. if you're walking)

    2. Had a wonderful dinner at Musso and Frank's last Saturday night. Lobster and Shrimp bisque, Sand Dabs and Asparagus with hollandaise. Great service too.

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      1. re: wienermobile

        i like musso's and littlefork. Sapps also close

        1. re: wienermobile

          What about the French fries, a side of bernaise, and a few martinis.

        2. Good pizza at Stella Barra next to Archlight on Sunset. Or really casual Tender Greens, or Shophouse both on Sunset

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            Love Stella Barra, but service can sometimes be, uh, leisurely and absent-minded. Just in case anyone is trying to catch curtain call.

            1. For something casual, you might look at Natalie Peruvian.

              1. great cocktails and oysters at nearby Hungry Cat

                1. The Blue Palms Brewhouse is on the first floor of the theatre, and they have an incredible craft beer selection--or at least they did when I was a regular there before leaving LA a couple years ago.

                  It's a nice place for a good beer and a decent burger, but it gets pretty crowded before and shows.