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Mar 25, 2014 02:50 PM

Hard Hat XII

The dual Fuddruckers + Luby's opened a few days ago on Slaughter near First Street. Apparently they think this one will work better then the stores they closed across the street from each other on South Lamar at Brodie Oaks (or was that a Furr's?).

NXNW Southpark Meadows planned for September.


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  1. Interesting combination, Luby's and Fuddrucker's. I live near a Luby's and go there for takeout on occasion. I like the selection of vegetables, especially the stewed okra and the cabbage. They do nice broiled chicken breasts and tilapia, but I do have a nostalgic weakness for that funky baked fish with the mayonnaise topping. Yeah, I get tartar sauce with it! They are heavyhanded with the salt, though.

    It was a Furrs that was on South Lamar. I never went there but used to have a co-worker who ate lunch there all the time. I was glad she had moved out of town when it closed, she would have been crushed.

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    1. re: Ashforth

      Is Luby's AYCE or was that Furr's? I've only eaten at them once each and keep getting them confused.

      As for Fuckrudders, I've found them to be incredibly tasteless burgers the few times I've eaten there (in several states). But I will be guilted into going to this one shortly against my will.


      1. re: sqwertz

        I feel your pain. sadly there aren't a lot of options for good food in that area.

        i could kill for a great 'coa taco around there. hate the trek to ETR...

        1. re: sqwertz

          Furr's was the all you could eat one. A long time ago, like 20 years ago there was one in Northcross mall. I went to it a couple of times and everything was just kind of ok, but nothing was really that good.

      2. That was a Furrs.
        Ooops, Ashworth beat me to it

        1. the F&L thing could be a wonderfully terrible guilty pleasure...or pure hell. somebody please tell me.

          i'll send the first person to post a full report with pictures one of these:


          1. I just heard that Kim Phung had a fire a couple weeks ago. Not much of a pho person but I'm pretty adept at Vietnamese food (eating and cooking it) But I had my most awesome lemongrass beef there. Didn't know they had another location at Lakeline.

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              1. re: sqwertz

                i go to the lakeline location a bit. the quality of the meat is a bit better than the place over in RR i frequent, but i'm not in love with their broth.

                sad about the fire.

              2. Read in the Austin Trending paper that Noble Pig on Burnet opened, but when I went by today, there was a note on the door saying, "Not yet."

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                1. re: amysuehere

                  Drove past it about an hour ago. It appears to be called "Noble Sandwich." There were cars in front, so I thought it was open, but based on your info it was probably just workers.

                  Boy, Noble Pig, Sap's, and now Peached Tortilla....all within walking distance! Although Noble Pig would be a bit of a trek.

                  1. re: rudeboy

                    They changed the name a while ago. I'm hoping that they start selling more of their charcuterie and their bread in at least one of their locations (they did this very briefly in the failed expansion at El Salido). The new Lake Creek location is slightly bigger, but has the same small refrigerated case. It's not taking up the full Vivo space at least from the storefront side.

                    I'm looking forward to the Peached Tortilla brick & mortar location. I shop early at the CP Farmer's Market, so I never get anything but breakfast from them.

                    1. re: verily

                      I never knew about the el Salido experiment. I think they'll do well there, especially if they take your advice and do real charcuterie. I had the idea of such a place where the Monkey Nest is now - parking for that location is phenomenal for in and out type customers. Oh well....

                      Peached Tortilla I'm looking forward to. In my opinion, one of the better trucks around.