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Mar 25, 2014 02:39 PM

good, cool reasonably priced place not too far from penn station to eat and hang out

I will be going into the city with a group of friends ages 18-19 (none drinking age) to have dinner and hang out. I am looking for a place that has a cool vibe (not a fridays) that is not expensive and not too far from penn station (if thats possible). I am thinking about something along the lines of blockheads but that won't work because my group does not want mexican food.

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  1. my first thought was the Pio Pio on 10th Ave and 43rd, but when I looked to confirm the cross-streets I saw that there's another location very near to Penn. doesn't seem to be same ownership, though. i can only say that the one on 10th is quite good, inexpensive, and unusually stylish for a Pio Pio.

      1. re: thegforceny

        2nd Qi, the vibe is definitely not run-of-the-mill and the prices are reasonable.

        or Mad For Chicken/Turntable very busy on a friday night, has an energetic vibe, reasonable prices and great fried chicken.

      2. Schnnipers at 41st and 8th ave
        Or south Co. Pizza has good seating options and excellent pizza (different from your typical nyc slice) plus other menu options
        If there are 6 or more of you call for a res

        1. Brother Jimmy's for BBQ and Burgers? Corner 31st and 8th, right across from Penn Station.

          1. Mooncake Foods on 30th street between 7th and 8th - definitely for that age group "comfort" Asian food - awesome food - hip locale - good music - $16 dinner specials