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Mar 25, 2014 02:28 PM

sushi nakazawa -seating

So I'm grateful we got a seat at Sushi Nakazawa for this Thursday but the only table available is in the dining room. For those who have gone, does it greatly detract from the experience? Should we wait to try to secure bar seating or is there good view from the dining room too?


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  1. What do you mean by a good view? You can't really see the sushi bar from the dining room. They're basically in separate rooms. There's an opening between the two, the sushi bar is in the front.

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    1. This question has been asked multiple times. A search would be very helpful.

      I've done both and while the sushi and experience is excellent in either room, the sushi bar is far more "fun" simply because of the interaction with Nakazawa himself. If you are only visiting or think this is your only chance, I'd say take the dining room reservation -- however if you have time, you could hold off for a sushi bar res.

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        I posted something about my recent meal at Nakazawa, but somehow it ended up not on Manhattan board. I have no idea where it ended up. But the selection was similar to what Peter Cuce listed. I loved the tamago and I loved his rice. I didn't like that Nakazawa-san doesn't cut the fish he uses for sushi, he has an assistant do it. I'll quote myself in saying " very Brooklyn Fare-like", chef serving everyone same fish at same time, no lag between courses.
        For more, maybe you can find where my post ended up LOL.
        Good experience, Good vibes.

          1. re: foodwhisperer

            I had similar feelings when we were there recently regarding his assistants cutting the fish.
            But I think this is similar to how they do it at Sukiyabashi Jiro. Where each piece is made by one person and served at the same time.

            I'll be writing a longer post on it soon but I enjoyed it very much. Excellent rice, tamago, hay smoking was great and chutoro was incredible.

            Service seems a little odd. As in, too formal and serious.
            Nakazawa showed everyone a photo of a fish and said it's Japanese name. Then one of the waiters walked down the line whispering it's name in English with a very serious expression.

            It made my wife and I chuckle a bit.

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              There are several high end places in Japan , where the owner just talks to the patrons and hands them the fish. But I like watching the sushi chefs do what they trained so long for. Fish knowledge, knife skills, sushi making skill.
              But I will say, Nakazawa-san sure makes good tamago