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Mar 25, 2014 02:21 PM

Recs for kids around Georgetown?

Any restaurant ideas around Georgetown for young kids, ages 5 and 10?

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    1. re: Worldwide Diner

      They aren't exactly adventurous, though they like grilled steak, chicken noodles and rice, so japanese is usually a hit.

      1. re: KarenM

        There's Clyde's (American), Daily Grill (American), El Centro DF (Mexican), Il Canale (Neoplitan pizza and pasta), J. Pauls' (American - super touristy and a G'town landmark), Neyla (middle eastern), and Booeymonger (sandwiches). There are many restaurants in G'town, most of serviceable and few are truly good (and those are expensive, but if you like to shell out big bucks, Bourbon Steak is excellent).

    2. I would take my kids to Luke's Lobster for a lobster roll. Super casual. Counter service. they also have crab and shrimp.

      1. Thomas Sweet for really great ice cream. To me it's a destination spot.

        Muncheez Mania could be fun - extremely casual, and kids could be interested in how they cook the sandwiches on these cool rounded stoves

        Five Guys for burgers and fries!

        1. Billy Martin's Tavern is classic old school DC. Competent non-adventurous pub grub.