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Mar 25, 2014 12:54 PM

Can I use an oval dutch oven on and induction cooktop

I have a new induction cooktop coming and wonder if my dutch oven
(le creuset) will work or will it burn the ceramic cooktop where the
longer end might stick out over the ceramic top?

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  1. Hi, binghammtn:

    You should be fine. To the extent the ends hang over the circular element under the glass, you will just get *less* heat at the overhang.

    Since cast iron is a poor conductor and the magnetic field falls off pretty fast, you would have to mostly rely on convection currents in your food (if any) to even out the heat out at the ends. Not a problem with a little overhang or watery ingredients, but a *lot* of overhang and more viscous food, and there could be an issue.


    1. I've put our cheap dutch pan on the11" and also bridged two 7" induction burners(?) without any problems. You should get a better heat dispersion with the iron pan.
      Put about a 1/2" of water in it and heat and look at the bubble pattern to get an idea of the heat print.

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      1. re: subal

        Thank you, I'l do the water test and cross my fingers

      2. Yes.

        I have two oval stainless steel roasting pans, one deep and one shallow, which are used constantly on our induction cooktop. Usually for steaming, they cook anything from meat, fish, or vegetables very well on induction, even a glazed holiday ham. No cold spots.

        Both have alu core with magnets to be induction compliant, as earlier models were not Compliant or not you might want to test it using different meals.

        We have been fortunate so far with induction. Only one new tall pot for asparagus & pasta needed to be purchased. Some of our neighbours changed to induction, then replacing all cookware to new.

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        1. re: SWISSAIRE

          I love seeing your cookware photos, Swissaire. You have the prettiest cookware. :)

          What brand is that roaster? It looks commercial, and I really like the disk; it looks like it covers the entire pan base and seems to be very thick.

          1. re: DuffyH

            Thank you DuffyH -

            In a word, it is Rösle.

            Not really commercial: Just good quality, either made in Germany ( Multi-layer ) or in Italy ( Rösle-Silga Teknika).

        2. I have used an oval Le Creuset on induction cooktops for 8 years with no problem.