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Mar 25, 2014 12:35 PM

thermostat cord for Lifetime electric skillet in Montréal?

Well, I have a Lifetime electric skillet, but none of my thermostat cords fit it. It is narrower than the standard thermostat cords. These are made by West Bend. Any idea where I could find such a thing in Montréal?

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  1. why not just purchase one on amazon and have it arrive in 2 days?

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    1. re: frogsteak

      I've never done that (no credit card, and don't want one) but I suppose I should set about establishing a PayPal account, which I need for work. I'm very much about buying local, but that might not be feasible.

    2. could try these guys:

      I always see lots of parts in their window as I pass by on my way to work in St-Laurent

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      1. re: Zalbar

        Thanks, Zalbar. I was looking forward to doing a nice braise in that pan; hope I can find a control - cord somewhere!