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Mar 25, 2014 12:18 PM

Foods from Oregon?

Hey everybody,

I was wondering if anyone knew of any foods that come from Oregon. I'm familiar with many of the foods that street carts have come up with in Portland, but I don't know much other than that.


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  1. Berries, apples, pears, mushrooms, hazelnuts (filberts), artisan cheese, pinot noir, beer, microdistilleries, spearmint...

    1. Salmon and truffles from Oregon are both exceptional. Lots of good wines, particularly Pinots

      1. Thanks! What I meant to ask, though, was what iconic dishes came from or are strongly associated with Oregon. California has cioppino, Hangtown Fry, and the Monte Cristo sandwich, among others. New York has Eggs Benedict, and so on. They don't have to be that famous, but they do have to at least be strongly associated with Oregon. Sorry for the confusion.

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          Curiously, the Original Pancake House chain was started in Portland.

          Razor clams, which are commonly harvested off the Oregon coast; fried or sauteed.

          Anything with hazelnuts.

          Anything with Marionberries.