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Mar 25, 2014 12:06 PM

One Night in Baltimore

I need your advice. If you could only eat in Baltimore one night, would you eat at Woodberry Kitchen, Bottega, or Maggie's Farm?

All opinions welcome.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I would say Woodberry, but you should certainly take Maggies Farm off your list. It's just not very attractive, and the food isn't good enough to make you ignore that.

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    1. I agree with lawhound on both points-- go to Woodberry, remove Maggie's Farm from the list. It's not a standout in Baltimore.

      Bottega is a truly great meal and among the very best in the city, but it's byob and I find that to be a pain when traveling in an unfamiliar city. It's also very small and just not as much of an "experience" as Woodberry.

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        We're "travelling" from DC, so BYOB shouldn't be a problem. But we probably are looking for an "experience," so good to know re: Woodberry. Thank you!

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          I recently ate a Fork and Wrench - after considering Woodberry Kitchen and Bottega - take a look at their menu. Other choice would be Greek seafood, at Ouzo Bay.

      2. For my money, it's Bottega. If you have any expectations surrounding Woodberry then you should look elsewhere. It's an awesome space with good food, but the service is dreadful and the prices are inflated.

        I think there are a several other places in the area of Woodberry that are better options: Birroteca, Corner BYOB and Food Market.

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        1. re: gregb

          Interesting take... Birroteca is IMO some of the absolute worst service I've had in the city (or any city for that matter) and the food was not even remotely good enough to make up for it. I had three consecutive disastrous meals there. Also, if we're recommending dining in Baltimore for "one night only" I think something a little bit more interesting than pizza is in order.

          I don't find the quality at Corner or Food Market to be in the same league as Woodberry, personally. I've never had anything but great service at Woodberry in recent years- I will admit the first year or two they were open was often a little uneven but from what I can tell that's been worked out. It's a shame you've had different experiences but then again my experiences at Birroteca are clearly very different from the ones you've had.

          1. re: stellabay

            Birroteca is not the same thing as Botttega, is it?

            1. re: jgb

              No, different places. And considering all of the great pizza and Italian you have in DC, I think Woodberry is surely your best choice. I dine in DC a good bit and Woodberry actually does offer something different enough than what DC has to offer to make it worth the trip.

            2. re: stellabay

              I've had mediocre service experiences at Birroteca, but I’m OK with that for some reason. That’s not fair, but I have higher expectations from WK. For the life of me, I honestly cannot understand the hype. I’m thrilled for what they have done for our city and the surrounding neighborhood. In fact, I credit Spike and crew for a lot of the really good change and evolution in Baltimore’s food scene.

              I would not direct someone to Birrotecca for one night, but given the proximity to WK it's worth mentioning. I do believe the food at all three places is easily on the same level as WK. If you think otherwise, I would whole heartedly disagree and we can leave it at that.

              When my friends come to town from DC they are looking for something they can't get in DC. I would argue that everything mentioned above would not necessarily be noteworthy in the DC food scene. My friends usually want to go to Dudas for crabcakes and good, cheap beer.

              Bottega is the best recent meal I've had in Baltimore, hence the recommendation.

          2. If you can squeeze in lunch I would go to the Lexington Market for a Crab Cake at Faidleys. Seems like most folks are saying Woodberry's is overrated, I haven't been yet so I can't say. My money is on Soppra Setta (Italian) or Tapas Teatro (Spanish). Allot of it depends on where you are staying in Baltimore. Charelston is definitely on my list and is nationally ranked on Open Table.

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            1. re: bluesjuls

              If you're adding restaurants to your list, Charleston is excellent, regardless of what OpenTable may say (but much more formal and expensive than any of the three you have listed). Sotto Sopra (which I assume is Soppra Setta) is good, too, but adds nothing to what you would find in a more expensive Italian resto in many cities. And I like Tapas Teatro as well, but there's nothing unusual about it, anything that would make you choose it for your one and only.