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Best desserts in NYC

Had the Milk and Honey at NoMad this weekend and it was the best dessert I've had in a while. It certainly woke up my dormant sweet tooth with a vengeance! Now I'm looking for recommendations for other desserts worth seeking out... please help!

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  1. Specifically restaurant desserts and only restaurant desserts?

    Are you specifically into honey or chocolate or specific fruit or herbs or flavors like green tea etc?

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      I suppose I do mean restaurant desserts.

      I'm not wedded to specific ingredients or dessert styles. There are times I adore a simple straightforward dessert - like a good slice of olive oil or chocolate cake. And then there are times I want something a bit more artful. M+H sort of straddled both categories - more in the straightforward side with its incredibly pure flavors, but interesting textures and techniques also.

    2. M & H at The NoMad is one of my favorites. The most recent desserts I've had (not including the desserts at dinner at EMP) that I would call incredible were the dark chocolate/bergamot and the jasmine rice desserts at Betony, they are so good they are worth seeking out.

      1. Del Posto's desserts are amazing.. They play with savory ingredients and sweet making some great dishes.

        1. Try the chocolate, sesame or green tea mochi at Cha An.

          Or the mango pudding, coconut panna cotta, sesame dumplings in yuzu soup or black sesame cremeux at Hakkasan, each is beautiful.

          Or the carre chocolat and St Honore rose framboise at Laduree

          All are delicious!

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            Cassis with vanilla panna cotta and mango pudding

          2. I am loving mostly everything from Spot Dessert Bar, but my favorite is the Banoffee: banana, caramel, Oreo crumbs, whipped cream and a hot chocolate shot. I dream about it.

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                >i like their yuzu eskimo.
                i thought that was pretty good too. the strawberries were a bit pedestrian but the yuzu + oreo soil + chocolate was nice ... not a michelin level sublime creation, but for a late night drop in, a good, creative option. enjoyed it more than the lunchtime apfelstrudel at LUGAR.

            1. Thanks for the suggestions so far. I ate at del posto about 1-2 years ago and remember loving the desserts. Also, I happen to be meeting a friend at Betony later this week. Now I know what to order!

              1. There are so many.

                I'm going to limit this to the best restaurant desserts I've had in NYC in the past 6 months.

                No assembly required: Peanut Butter Bar @ The Arlington (UES)

                Assembly required: Zeppole Workshop @ Quality Italian (Midtown)

                1. Lately come to mind...

                  Chocolate Crema Catalana with toasted hazelnuts @ Gato

                  Silan @ Taboon. Vanilla ice cream layered with puffed rice and date honey sprinkled with caramelized pistachios and topped with shredded Halva

                  Spongata @ Lincoln. Honey and Nut cake with satsuma sherbet. The cake was great but the sherbet even better

                  Sour Apple Pie from Little Pie Co W/ Black Raspberry Choc Chip gelato from Trader Joe's @ Ziggy's House

                  1. The olive oil cake slice at the tiny coffee shop abraco is destination worthy.
                    And the olive oil cake at Maialino is even better IMO.

                    Chickalicious is still going strong- i love the wine pairing they do as well.

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                      Olive Oil Cake is great at Little Collins near 57 and Lex. Monica - you must stop by this shop sometime...it is in your work area.

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                        thanks for the tip. =)
                        I will try it soon.

                    2. Apple Cider Doughnuts at Hearth

                      Chocolate Bread Pudding at Blue Hill

                      Banana and Nutella cake at Little Cupcake Bakeshop

                      Warm Chocolate Cake w/ Ice Cream at Nougatine/Jean Georges

                      Coffee and Doughnuts at Per Se Salon

                      1. I really like the various puddings at puddin , it is on the lower east side near St. Marks place if memory serves me correctly. Great puddin pops too in the warmer weather.

                        And now that I mentioned warmer weather, the ice cream sandwiches at Payard are great though thise are probably a few months away.

                        Will be having the popcorn cake at Momofuko Ssam Bar tomorrow so can't opine yet but will report back.

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                          I am a big fan of the momofuko empire and the popcorn cake did not disaapoint. I am not sure if it would be as well received stand alone. But after the salty delicious bo ssam dinner, the cake was really sweet salty and unique.

                        2. Brooks Headly at Del Posto is amazing. But you need to be in for a $125 prix fixe meal to get to them - or you can do the cheaper prix fixe at lunch.

                          Malcolm Livingston at WD-50 is killing it, too. And if you get bar seats, you can order dishes from the tasting menu a la carte, do a make-your-own dessert tasting.

                          And Christina Tosi at Momofuku Milk bar is, as usual, putting out great stuff - though some of hers I find a little over the top sweet (can't stand the "crack pie" personally) but when she nails it, she hits it out of the park. I could eat her cereal milk ice cream every day.

                          Is Pichet Ong up to anything these days? He always did great work.

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                            A blurb from chinese american museum where he was giving a presentation says:
                            "With 38 restaurant and bakery openings to date, Pichet is currently a culinary consultant specializing in menu development for all food related business. His is resident judge on Sugar Dome and Cake Wars on Food Network. He resides in New York and is currently working on his sophomore cookbook - Desserts on a Whim."

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                              Ah, I never watch the pastry-themed shows on FN. They all seem to be fondant-sculpting competitions with nothing about cooking.

                              I forgot he also has the Qi Thai mini-empire, though it's a bit of a mish-mash as to whose dishes are whose there, and most of his contributions there are on the savory side. Desserts were solid from what I had though, if nothing like what he was doing at Spot in the early days, but the style there is simpler (and prices lower)

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                              I thought Pichet Ong was doing stuff for Sugar and Plumm. Quite a bit different from what he was doing at Spot as Sugar and Plumm's desserts are more heavy American style stuff. But still good.

                            3. Panna Cotta all’ Aceto Balsamico
                              “cooked cream” drizzled with 10-year balsamic vinegar

                              @ Il Buco

                              1. I thought I wasn't going to like the milk and honey at NoMad but I ordered it because I've heard so many good things about it. I really enjoyed the dessert as well.

                                I'm really liking the cakes from Lady M. A bit expensive, but very refined.

                                1. I love the pasty chef at Colicchio & Sons. You can follow on Instagram and see his creations! http://instagram.com/stephencollucci
                                  Last time I went, he had key lime doughnuts with coconut milk ice cream.

                                  1. buvette's chocolate mousse is the stuff of dreams

                                    1. This one may be a bit too simple but I always think about the salted caramel sundae with popcorn, peanuts and chocolate sauce at ABC Kitchen. Yum.

                                      1. The Arctic's Bird's Nest at Aquavit is still the most intricate, yet delicious dessert I can recall having.

                                        The molten chocolate cake at most JGV restaurants is a must-try (if you haven't had already).

                                        Had an amazing Winter Sundae at Narcissa a few weeks ago - olive oil ice cream, meyer lemon curd, and whipped cream.

                                        1. Had a fantastic coconut layer cake at Kin Shop yesterday. The texture is light, fluffy, with a nice balance of frosting to cake, with toasted coconut and lime. The cake is much less sweet than the versions at most bakeries and was a perfect end to the meal.

                                          If you like coconut layer cake that is not too sweet, it's perfect.

                                          1. I guess we're only supposed to discuss Manhattan on this board, but on Valentines Day a couple of years ago, my wife and I had an amazing Parsley Cake dessert at Roberta's. Who knew that such a thing could be done!

                                            1. Del Posto has the best desserts among the Michelin 3 star restaurants. I also like the desserts at the Modern bar room, Benoit and Lincoln.

                                              1. I had a tarragon mousse at Boulud Sud brunch recently which was mind blowingly good; alas, it is no longer on the menu

                                                1. Soufflés at La Grenouille, especially Grand Marnier and Raspberry

                                                  1. I had the olive oil cake at Maialino last weekend, it was a great not too sweet dessert- good for sharing since it is very rich and a generous slice.