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Feb 4, 2003 08:33 PM

Rosalie Restaurant

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Has anyone tried out Rosalie, the new David MacMillan place on De La Montagne? I've heard mixed reviews and any input would be great.


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  1. rosalie is great,you just have to relax and enjoy it ,its a bistro ,its abit loud,but altogether the food is very good,have the halibut ,ive been twice ,the restaurant is new so you have to give it a chance,im sure he will have all the bugs worked out soon......check out for real info qebec room

    1. I have. Once for lunch and once for dinner. The food is quite good. The simpler stuff: soups, steaks, fries (wonderful fries!) are all very, very well done. I had a cream of potato soup with roasted garlic and pork tenderloin that was one of the better soups I've enjoyed in a long while. The wine list is good. But the restaurant is loud. Extremely, often uncomfortably, so. I wouldn't recommend going if you want to have an intimate tete a tete.