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Mar 25, 2014 11:16 AM

17 year old birthday celebration

Looking for suggestions for a birthday celebration dinner this Sunday.

Birthday boy will be turning 17. Family of four including 13 year old daughter.

Perhaps a steakhouse?

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    1. re: Madrid

      And does the birthday boy have anything that he loves or hates?

    2. Are you looking for a 'fun' environment or a 'sophisticated' one?

      1. My son likes Fire and Ice, Burton's, or (not my choice!) Chunky's.

        1. I recently was at Fogo de Chao with a small group of high school and college kids. They loved it.

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          1. re: black_lab

            Good idea, esp if OP thinks a steakhouse would be a good fit.

          2. Thanks for your suggestions.

            My son is reasonably adventurous. He likes the idea of a healthy diet.

            He's been overseas to Costa Rica, Turkey and Italy and managed to eat reasonably well while there.

            He enjoys Indian and Chinese food but left to his own devices he's pretty much a pizza, meat and potatoes kind of guy. He's a teenage boy after all.

            My wife came up with Tango in Arlington as a strong possibility.