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Mar 25, 2014 08:19 AM

washington dc brunch

we are coming into town to see our son who loves to go our for brunch. Our dinner schedule is blue duck tavern, Rasika and Osteria Morini- so quality, interesting brunch recommendations would be very much appreciated.

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  1. I would go to Mintwood Place in Adams Morgan for brunch. They have a wonderful brunch with lots of different options. If it's nice outside you can sit at one of the tables outside.

    If you are looking for something more outside the box, you might want to check out the Source's dim sum brunch.

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      Mintwood is a good choice. So is the new menu at Bar Pilar, which would allow you to wander around 14th Street on a Saturday or Sunday. Estadio and Birch & Barley, too, although I haven't brunched at those spots in a year or so.

      1. Here's everything you could ever possibly want to know about brunch in DC.

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          A nice collection of reviews there, but that blog has a different target/definition of what makes an outstanding brunch than some are looking for. Lots of cocktail options/bottomless wins points with the BwB, not so much everyone else, like the above parents taking out their grown(ish?) son (or me when I'm searching out places to take a family).

          I don't always agree with their food recommendations, either. But sometimes, they have good insight.

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            Agreed, it is a very limited perspective.

        2. You can also see

          although barely anyone has replied to me [sad face]

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            Thanks for the suggestions. Got some good ideas

          2. The Source, Farmers Fishers Bakers, Acadiana, Graffiato, Kafe Leopold, Oyamel, and Zaytinya all have good brunches I've enjoyed with our family and/or my parents when they're in town visiting.

            Blue Duck also does a nice one but I see it's already on the schedule for dinner.