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Mar 25, 2014 07:52 AM

Philly weekend - meals with and w/o kids

Hi! We plan to take a trip from the NYC area to Philly for a long weekend this summer with our 2.5 year old toddler and infant. We'll mostly be doing kid friendly activities but would love to get some good meals in. If we ate very early, could we swing Pizza Vetri and/or Zahav? We'll definitely hit Federal Donuts at the very least.

If we can get a sitter, would love one meal without kids. Serpico really appeals bc Momofuku Ko is one of my favorites here in NYC but should we try something less similar to home? We've already done Bilbou. We eat all kinds if food/no budget. Just looking for a great meal worthy of a sitter cost :-) Thanks!

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  1. your best bet with kids is percy street. pizzeria vetri is probably fine too. Without kids, you could go to Serpico or Zahav, or try Fork (ex-CDC of Torrisi) or Vernick (opened a bunch of restaurants for jean-georges).

    If you need brunch, i think if you went early to High Street on Market, you'd be fine with kids probably.

    1. Better suited for lunch, but in Franklin Square (6th and Race Sts) there is Square Burger (Burgers, dogs and salad - and smaller burgers, so good for little hands) and a carousel, playground and miniature golf with city landmarks as the holes!

      1. Serpico sounds like a great idea for adult only. You might also like Avance. Check it out for its tasting menu; it occupies the old Le Bec Fin location.

        The hottest restaurant is Laurel but they're booked up until June; that said, if you're AMEX Platinum customers you can get a seat.

        Finally, I've done Zahav with a toddler + infant, so same scenario as you. They're very open and since it's such a laid-back scene it's perfect for kids at 5 pm. Amada is also a consideration I don't see mentioned. I order the paella for the fam and it's a blast. (Yes, I still bring yogurt packs, apple slices, and string cheese.) ;)

        1. Bibou's new spot is Le Cheri and it is a winner -- a completely different menu and it has a lovely bar area as well.

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            Thanks, everyone! Sorry about all the restaurant name typos. I wrote the post quickly from my iphone.

            Anyway, I appreciate all the great suggestions and the vote of confidence to try Zahav at 5pm. We drag our older daughter to restaurants often so she sort of knows the drill (as best as a toddler can). And the younger one is still small enough to hopefully sleep or sit quietly in her carrier.

            This trip isn't until July so I'll look into Laurel as a date night option as well as the others. I didn't recognize Laurel at first, but I should have since I watched this past season of Top Chef!

            Oh and we (including our older daughter) ate at Amada in the Encore hotel in Atlantic City two summers ago and had a great meal. My husband usually dislikes tapas but loved Amada.

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              I brought my little (well now he's big) one to Zahav when he was a toddler and he did fine. And I am sure you will do OK at Pizzeria Vetri. There are always families with lots of kids there and even yours started bawling with the thumping music that is played there nobody would notice. Amada is fine with kids too as is any Steven Starr restaurant.

              Do hit Reading Terminal Market for breakfast or lunch at least once (very kid friendly) and maybe hit Franklin Fountain (old style ice cream fountain) in Old City or Capogiro for gelato in several locations.

          2. Serpico really has very little similarity to Momofuko Ko.