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Mar 25, 2014 07:39 AM

ge range convections oven

I notice that Martha Stewart as an example in one of her cake recipes
recommends baking at 350F. Since I'm more interested in using the
convection setting, I don't understand if I should be setting my oven at
350F or at 375F to get Martha's temperature. When I look at her
oven on her television recipe, It looks to me like she is using a convection oven since I see the fan at the back of her oven. I baked a cake the other day and it didn't rise, btw I followed her recipe to a "T" and I set my oven temp to 375 to get "her" 350. Is there anyone who can help? I don't know why they don't mention that info in their shows.


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  1. Convection is optional on most ovens so my guess is that Martha is not using convection to bake a cake. If you wish to use convection on a conventional recipe, you would turn the temperature down not up. This is because convection increases the amount of heat transferred over a given time. To complicate things, some ovens have an auto correct and turn the temperature down automatically. Convection is not the best for baking a cake because it is drying so causes the cake to set before the rise is complete. That is most likely what happened to your cake. Some do report success with convection and may have a fan at lower speed so less drying. Convection just a tool and should be used when it will benefit what you are cooking. It is great for things that you want to brown or be crispy.

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      Oh really, interesting because according to my GE booklet
      convection is supposed to be excellent for "all" baking. Thank you for answering so quickly. May I ask where you received this info
      Thanks again

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        I think appliance companies feel like they have to justify buying convection and like to say they will do everything but they don't. When I first got my convection oven, I didn't really understand how it worked. I just started reading about ovens in general and about convection or fan assisted ovens. I read about baking, starch gelatinization, the Maillard reaction, articles on meat science and baking forums. One of the problems is almost every article about convection ovens either has partial explanations, makes blanket generalizations that are not true or contains misconceptions. There can be big differences in convection ovens. Some have an additional element(s) in the back with the fan. Some have computer boards that vary when the different elements come on and off and vary the fan speed to create different modes. When you use convection, some food might might cook 10% faster and other food 30% faster. It is sort of trial and error to see how yours will work.

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          OK lol should hv known. Thanks so much for your response, once again.