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Mar 25, 2014 07:23 AM

Rome with teenagers

In April we will go with a group of about 40 teenagers (aged 14 to 18) from our church to Rome, Italy. Our rooms are already booked but we need suggestions for suitable dinner restaurants in the Trastevere area near Ponte Mazzini where we are staying.

L Bjoerk,

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  1. Pizzeria ai marmi on viale trastevere is the first that comes to mind

    1. Great suggestion by Vinoroma. I am not sure that you can book ahead, but If you get there on the early-ish side (just before 7pm) the place is almost always empty.

      1. Getting into any restaurant in Rome with 40 people will be a challenge, so you'll definitely have to plan ahead, and book meals. Also, you might want to think about organizing fixed menu meals ahead of time, at a fixed price.

        There are many restaurants in Rome that cater to big groups like this, but they are not generally the ones discussed on this board.

        I would suggest that you hire someone in Rome to help you plan this out. Maybe a the same place you booked your rooms?