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Mar 25, 2014 06:55 AM

Must go in Fort Worth Texas ??? (Best steak, best BBQ, your favorites)

Coming from NYC Going to Fort Worth Texas in 2 weeks any suggestions for places we must eat at. Looking for a steakhouse, a BBQ joint, a burger, hole in the walls. I want to know what the hidden treasures are in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Thanks all

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  1. As I live 30 miles east in Dallas, I'm not as familiar with the Ft. Worth dining scene as much as others who I know will provide you with some worthwhile tips. However that said, I would highly recommend Nonna Tata.
    As an ex-New Yawka, I know you get great Italian food in NY. But Nonna Tata is a true "hole in the wall" serving great HOME STYLE Italian specialties all made in house. Including their delicious home made pastas. Another plus is, they're BYOB. Downside? Cash only!

      1. For steak, Lonesome Dove. For burgers, Rodeo Goat. For BBQ, suggest Pecan Lodge in Dallas, one of the very best in TX. Brewed and Shinjuku Station are other indie favorites of mine. Also Magnolia Cheese Co.

        1. Do a google search on Bonnell's Fine Texas Cuisine. It is in Ft Worth and it just might be something you can tell your friends about when you get back to NY. Google that menu first, though. It ain't exactly chili and chicken fried steaks.

          1. If you've ever had a Pat La Frieda short rib burger cooked properly at home (I miss Fresh Direct's grocery deliveries) you might be spoiled for life. I haven't found a burger anywhere that can beat it.