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Mar 25, 2014 06:44 AM


I hear it's crawfish season and I'm looking for places to buy live crawfish!

Also, looking for places that serve good / fresh crawfish boils!

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  1. This place......

    ....has them....just not today, sorry :-(

    I'd certainly give them a call though, maybe they're coming in soon.

    1. Aquavit has a "crayfish festival" each spring, if you get on their email list you'll get notified... IIR its a lunch special and crayfish-centric menu

      1. Crawfish season is off to a slow start. Be patient.

        1. This is what I would do:

          the fish stores get it shipped up from Louisiana. So why go through so many middle men, when you can get it cheaper and fresher.

          1. Had some delicious crawdads as a course at Le Restaurant this past weekend. BUT given the way their menu works and the, um, glitches experienced during the meal ... it might be risky.