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Mar 25, 2014 06:41 AM

Help a study abroad student eat Rome!

I'm a study abroad student in Rome who's been here for four months. As a poor college kid, I've been waiting with anticipation for my parents to visit for a week in April. I want to show them the city and especially it's restaurants. I've come up with this itinerary and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions/comments to improve my list! (If you have any Rome sights suggestions I haven't seen, those are also much appreciated!) Thanks everyone!

Thursday night-
Dinner at Il Localino for fish!
Wander Borghese Gardens

Wander around Central Rome (see the big stuff)
• Lunch at L’Asino D’Oro
• Spanish Steps
• Trevi Fountain
• Aperitivo at Salotto 42
• Dinner at Armando Al Pantheon
• See Pantheon and Piazza Navona
• Gelato del Teatro

Vatican & Coliseum/Forum
• Morning in Vatican (Sistine Chapel, Basilica, St. Peter’s Square)
• Lunch at L’Arcangelo OR La Campana
• Coliseum
• Aventine Hill-Keyhole, Orange Garden, Mouth of Truth
• Wander around Trastevere
• Freni e Frizoni for Aperitivos
• Dinner at Cesare al Cassoletto

Campo de Fiori/Jewish Ghetto
• Mercato di Campo (Roscoli for Pizza Bianco)
• Late lunch at Nonna Betta in the Jewish Ghetto
• Dinner at Da Danilo

Monday/Tuesday I was hoping to get great pizza (Sforno or La Gatta Mangiona?)

I want to experience the best of the Jewish Ghetto (especially artichokes!) but have read a lot of controversial reviews. Does Nonna Betta sound like a solid choice? What about Sora Margherita?

I've heard great things about Testaccio restaurants, but it doesn't sound like there are a lot of sights out there to justify the trip. Is there another great neighborhood for food and atmosphere (Monti or Prati maybe?)

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  1. I was in Rome recently.
    Nona Betta is in the Jewish ghetto, but it's not a kosher restaurant. I don't know if that matters to you. We ate at ba ghetto (there's two - one dairy, one meat). Both restaurants were fantastic.
    Favorite gelato - old bridge (don't ask me why it's called that!) near the Vatican, and Alberto Pico.
    Our best meal was at Il Margutta. It's a vegetarian place near the intercontinental/Spanish steps. Really interesting modern decor- it's also an art gallery.

    1. I wouldn't switch the Friday dinner reservations but definitely see the Trevi Fountain at night and the Pantheon during the day (and night).

      I would have a back up plan for lunch at L'Asino d'Oro in case you get there and discover the fixed menu is something one or more of you really doesn't want to eat.

      I don't think Sunday is the best day for the market. Maybe make your Sunday schedule your Monday schedule? And whatever day you do the market, pizza bianca and a Jewish Ghetto meal, how about a lighter evening meal at an enoteca -- or no plans at all and see what your parents are in the mood for? Another reason I might do the Campo de'Fiori market on Monday would be stopping by Beppe e I Suoi Formaggi.

      I don't know your folks but it is possible that at some point they will cry uncle about all this food. Especially be careful about people not spoiling their appetites with aperitivi snacking. Also, you don't say where their hotel is, but sometimes travelers really like to be able to stop back at their hotel before dinner -- and then are not wildly enthusiastic about traveling far to get to dinner and back. I suggest knowing the names of at least two good places to eat right near where they are staying just in case.

      Looks like a great plan overall though.

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        Haha I'm probably over-excited. We will definitely probably take it slower than this and they will be here for 10 days (but working during the week) so I can spread it out a little if it gets crazy. Thank you for your tips! Do you have an Enoteca in mind?

        1. re: alantz21

          Regarding enotche, no, it would for me depend on where we were. But vinoroma no doubt knows the ones that are overall good ones to know about.

      2. Monti is a great neighborhood for wandering and eating. I love Taverna Fori Imperiale. You can have a drink at Faifiuche or Vino al Vino. In the Piazza Madonna dei Monti La Bottega del Cafe is a very pretty place to sit and have a cup of coffee or a spritz.

        1. before I answer in detail: which week in April are we talking about? it is important in planning!

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          1. Any other suggestions before I make reservations? All your help so far has been much appreciated!