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Mar 25, 2014 05:10 AM

Paris Friday lunch

Been nearly two years since I've been to Paris - having previously lived there one and off in the two years before. Any thoughts on what the best lunch deal for a Friday is these days? Looking to spend no more than 35-40 euros/person for a menu. Open to classic French or something more modern. Would love any suggestions!

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  1. Can we have some more clues to encourage our suggestions ? In a city with so many good restaurants, it's difficult to zero in on one or two in your very broad parameters. Maybe neighbourhood ?

    1. Where did you eat and what did you enjoy last time?

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        We're staying in Batignolles but to be honest we know Paris well so are happy to go further afield. We've enjoyed traditional bistronomy in the past (La Régalade, Bistro Volnay etc.) but also enjoyed more adventurous meals (Le Chateaubriand). I think what we're aiming for is 3 good, simple courses. A bit like Au Passage used to do when James Henry was cooking there (and maybe still do). Whilst we love Japanese, Italian and other cuisines, we get enough of them back home. I think we'd be aiming to keep lunch incl. a bottle of wine under 100 euros.

      2. Ok, I'm throwing the name Coretta into the hat. On the rue Cardinet across from the Parc Martin Luther King and probably in very easy walking distance for you... very new... lukewarm review from John Talbott but other French reviewers loved it (as do I)... mid-20s € lunch "formule" but can do à la carte for under 40 € easily.

        1. I've had an unexpectedly nice lunch at the new-ish Roca on rue Guillaume Tell when stranded at the Champerret exhibition hall. Cuisine is in the light modern good simple Au Passage-ish style, friendly folks, no reservation required at least when we were there and our lunch came in comfortably within your price range.

          It may be 'near yet far' from Batignolles though, not quite walkable, changes possibly required on the metro.

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            Took the words right out of my mouth on both Coretta and Roca. Since everyone but me loved Coretta I'm willing to give it another go.
            Other considerations:
            7.2 L'Envie du Jour
            6.6 Verre Moutarde
            6.1 Cercle Rouge
            5.9 Chez Fred
            5.7 Beau Serge aka Beauserge

          2. le comptoir du relais. wine list spectacular.