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Mar 25, 2014 12:21 AM

ABOUT- whom to serve wine first

I just have a query,
If there are two couples in a same table and a lady orders for a bottle of wine then who will you serve?
what i did was --
i gave to taste it to the lady who ordered, then when she approved the wine okay to be served i 1st served another lady, 2nd the lady who tasted it and then to the both gentlemen.

was it correct or should i have served the lady 1st and two gentlemen and the lady who tasted at last???

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  1. lady who ordered and tasted served first, then the other lady then 2 men.

    1. Let us try the gender neutral approach. Age before beauty. Then the individual who selected and approved the wine should be perceived as the host and be served last.

      1. You pour from the left. So you go around the table clockwise. No women first or age. You are a waiter. you know how to serve

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        1. re: Locutus

          Age matters, Gender may matter, too. By calling the pourer a waiter, not server (gender neutral), you seem to be old enough to remember when ladies were served first and there was deference to our elders.

          If the two couples appear to be less than 40 years of age it probably does not matter to them, 40 to 60 maybe, senior citizens, definitely.
          My wife or mother would not be happy if the men were served first by a waiter.

          That said, these patrons appear to have adjusted to 'modern times' as a lady would not have placed the wine order in the no so distant past.

          In a fine restaurant, Mrs. B and I discuss our choices and I still place the orders, telling the server that the lady will have xxxx and I'll have yyyy. Not chauvinist, chivalrist!

          1. re: bagelman01

            I'm pretty modern, and right in the middle of your "maybe" range, and I would think it "wrong" to serve the men first. I think the way the OP did it is ok, and would in fact be my "first choice" of the options. I think it's also ok to do the first woman last of all, as the host. But in between, women should go first.

        2. You serve it first to the person who ordered the wine for the taste. Etiquette would then say the remaining women, and then the gentlemen. So I believe what you did was correct.

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          1. re: LindaWhit

            Hmmmmm. LindaWhit, no offense, but I think an English teacher wound have some fun with your first sentence. Not sure exactly what the grammar rule might be, but I can see the confusion it caused.

            1. re: Midlife

              True, poorly worded on my part. So change it to "You serve the taste to the person who ordered the wine."

          2. It looks like I disagree with the other responses. The lady who ordered the wine should be served last.
            Just consider if at the table there were four women then that would be the order of service.

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            1. re: mexivilla

              yes mexivilla,
              but according to you there would be 2 gentlemen served before a lady so why not lady and lady and gentlemen the last?