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Mar 24, 2014 10:15 PM

NEW: Sammy's Aloha at Pier 33, SF - Anyone try it yet?

Y*lp has 5 reviews at Sammy's Aloha, a Y*lper reported is a pop-up take-out only spot attached to Butterfly Restaurant.

Mention of poke bowl, loco moco, pork noodle bowl, etc.

Hope to read some hounds reports soon!

Sammy's Aloha
Embarcadero Pier 33 at Bay St, SF

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  1. Tried out Sammy's Aloha that's a pop-up at Pier 33 the Take Out Window at Butterfly. Sam was taking orders & our money.

    I got the Ahi Poke $9 I asked for Black Rice (you can get white rice if you want) plus $1 for poached egg. Charged it. It was a pretty good size bowl with a bunch of ahi poke, some put up avocado, some washabi, tobiko, and lots of black rice, the poached egg was nice and creamy. I liked it.

    Only Take Out, no seating area & can't use Butterfly dining area, boo.

    Charged it.

    Closed Mon
    Tues-Sun 11am - 3pm

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