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Friday 03/28/2014 Babette's Feast & Big Night on TCM

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Afraid this is buried in an old thread a lot of people have ceased caring about: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/3023...

For those of us with cable, Turner Classic Movies "Friday Night Spotlight" is "Food in the Movies."

This Friday it's Babette's Feast, followed by Big Night. Hosted by Anthony Bourdain.

I will think of you all when I watch this Friday (or whenever I watch them as I plan to record both).

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  1. I LOVE Babette's Feast!!!

    Thank you for the update/ alert.

    I debated saying this, but I'm going to jump in -- who wants to bet that AB will make a reference that the title "Babette's Feast" sounds like a different kind of movie, starring Belle Knox?