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Mar 24, 2014 07:09 PM

Deli/Caterer for Reheatable Meals Qns/Bk

I'm looking for a good deli/caterer that has a good selection of proteins and vegetables in Queens or Brooklyn. I usually buy for 5+ meals at a time as I try to eat healthy, unprocessed and loosely paleo but don't have the time to make meals myself.

I've been going to Prime Deli in Garden City but they are really too far from any major highway to be convenient. I wouldn't mind driving into Brooklyn since it's still closer to my work - Prime happens to be the complete opposite direction. What I do like about prime is they have great food selection and quality for day to day meals - you can take a look at their daily menus on facebook here: Their slightly generous dinner plates of one protein and two sides come to $10.00. I know I can just go to Whole Foods but what I described above can't be had for the same price.

In sum, looking for a reliable deli with good, quality selection for re-heatable meals. Preferably with convenient highway access. Thanks, hounds.

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  1. I always go to Meats Supreme (2227-31 86th Street near Bay Parkway in Brooklyn by the D train) when I want prepared meals. Everything is always good and usually less than $8.00 per plate (they are priced by weight). The prepared foods come in microwaveable containers. They have things like stuffed cabbage, veal & chicken parmigiana, meatloaf with mashed potatoes & gravy, etc. They also have a great meat department and a nice deli with an abundance of prepared foods as well. The deli has breaded and fried chicken cutlets & eggplant, olives, salads, knishes, rice balls, great cold cuts & and much more. There is also a cheese section in the store and they stock wonderful fresh bread and rolls. You won't be disappointed. Now that I've made myself hungry, I think I'll go there myself.