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Mar 24, 2014 05:58 PM

Restaurants that serve game meat in Quebec City?

Hello, we are heading to Quebec City in a few weeks (my first time there) and I would like to try some game meat and I am looking for recommendations on restaurants that serve game meat at reasonable prices...I am pretty adventurous so I have no problem trying different stuff.

I did a quick search here and on Google and have found a few

- Le Patriarche
- Aux Anciens Canadiens
- La Traiche

Just wondering if there's anything else I should know about. Thank you so much and Bon Appetit!

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  1. Le Patriarche definitely.

    Aux Anciens Canadiens is the ultimate tourist trap.

    As for La Traiche it doesnt ring a bell at all. Maybe you mean La Tanière? If its the case, yes its a good place to taste game meat but since a few years they adopt a molecular cuisine twist. Also you have to know that its out of town in Ste-Foy.

      1. Thanks guys! I will definitely check out Le Patriarche and Chez Boulay.

        La Traite (sorry I mis-spelt it!) is located in Wendake which is about 20 minutes drive from Quebec City, using GoogleMaps.

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          Oh ok, La Traite, its in Wendake (the amerindian village near Québec). You will need a car or a long taxi drive. If you can sleep at the hôtel where is the restaurant, it worth the trip. Its beautiful and bording the river. As for the restaurant i only go twice : one time for brunch and one time for dinner. I was not impress. A lot of good ideas on paper but that doesnt make it on the plate. Still its been a few years so they might have improve.

          I honestly have to say : i dislike boréale bistro as much as St-Amour (same owner). I find the food dated and overrated. For me those places are for people that have a lot money but just a little bit of taste.

          1. re: vabou

            The hotel is lovely, the museum (in the hotel) is informative, the village is wonderful and the food is not bad at all. Not outstanding, but not bad at all. But, this is a hotel restaurant so there was a certain number of families when we went. But hey, if you have kids, it's child friendly :)