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Mar 24, 2014 05:33 PM

Hyannis area

What's open and good this time of year? Not looking for anything too high end or too far.
Pain D'avignon, Clancy's have been recommended by friends.

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  1. Ocean House in Dennisport opens for the season on Thursday. Great 3 for $30 menu and reasonable prices on other stuff in a beautiful setting overlooking the ocean.

    1. PainD'Avignon...Yes! Clancy's ....NO!

      Bistrot de Soleil in Hyannis is a bit hit or miss on service but the kitchen knows what it's doing. Alberto's is always solid for slightly upscale Italian American. Colombo's is pretty good for casual Italian in a comfortable setting. Embargo is lively and decent tapas and a great bargain before 6 or all night Tuesdays with 1/2 price tapas. Gets pretty lively later with a younger bar crowd.

      1. Yup, I agree with everything CCG said. I love Pain d'Avignon. And the Ocean House in Dennisport is wonderful.