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Mar 24, 2014 04:46 PM

Best Lasagna in Seattle?

I've been craving lasagna lately... anyone care to share advice on where in town I should go looking?

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  1. I go to Pink Door for my lasagna fix. I have not gone in a year but now that you brought up the idea....... I remember they used Spinach noodles and oozing with melted cheese.

    1. Isn't Cafe Lago's supposed to be great?

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      1. re: babette feasts

        Yeah, it's pretty good. They do theirs with a really thin noodle. A little bit different than what I think of for classic lasagna, but definitely tasty.

        1. re: GreenYoshi

          Café Lago's is very bright, very fresh, very delicate. Agree with what GreenYoshi says.

          You should find a restaurant that just does simple, unpretentious Italian food. I know of Andiamo in Bellevue downtown and Restaurante Paradisio in downtown Kirkland. Both have straightforward lasagnas.

          1. re: apardoe

            Andiamo's food may be good but the service is awful, Servers have p*** poor attitudes and are snotty beyond belief!

            Paradiso's food is really good!

      2. I really like La Spiga's:
        Lasagne Verdi
        fresh spinach lasagna layered with ragu (meat and tomato sauce) béchamel and Parmigiano Reggiano 17

        1. Has anyone had Cuoco's? I remember reading a Seattle lasagna write-up online somewhere and Cuoco was mentioned.

          I've had Cafe Lago's also. If I remember correctly, it was a substantial portion but deceptively light, and made with a bechamel sauce. Quite good.

          1. I really like Ristorante Machiavelli's chicken liver lasagne (though you'd have to like those). Its super rich and unctuous, and at a very reasonable price (parking can be a pain though). I'm pretty sure they have normal lasagna, but i've never ordered that.