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Mar 24, 2014 04:40 PM

Canadian foods sold anywhere?

I grew up in Canada. There are some foods, particularly candies and cookies, which I miss. When I get to Canada, I can pick up some of these favourites (Canadian spelling for the occasion).

There are a few things which have made it across the border into our stores, such as Dare Chocolate Fudge cookies.

There are a few candies which have close cousins (from Ireland) which are sold around here in stores which sell Irish foods, such as the Aero bars (although they are not exactly the same as the Canadian version).

So ... it never occurred to me until just now to ask you Chowhound experts: does anyone know anywhere around here where they sell foods from Canada?

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  1. no idea, but now I'm craving coffee crisp

    1. I don't know specifically if they have Canadian foods, but it's probably worth trying Cardullo's in Harvard Square - they have lots of international candies and cookies, etc.

      1. You might try Walnut Market in Newton - I do know they have smoke meat and Montreal bagels. I think I've seen some candies there as well, but can't remember if they were Canadian.

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          Here's another vote for Walnut Market in Newton. The owner is from Montreal, and he imports a bunch of things from there, including St. Viateur bagels and some smoked meat in vacuform bags (not great, alas), as well as a great selection of Canadian beers. Not a big range of food, but lots of Canadian stuff there.

        2. Herr's is not a Canadian brand, but they do a killer ketchup chip. I buy mine from Hess stations when the craving hits, though they sometimes have them in Ocean State Job Lots.

          I've had to resort to making my own butter tarts. They don't exist here.

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            I just know the Dare cookies, have tried about 5 different types. I think Market basket probably has the biggest selection including the choc marshmallow ones. They might have other Canadian products too. I also go to a Canadian bakery in Peabody. They are from Montreal, and its a kosher bakery. I know the frozen dough is specific to Canada..they also have challah, onion boards, rolls, and seasonal items like hamantaschen and sometimes other things specific to canada

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              First thing I do after crossing the border is to buy some butter tarts! I'm not a very good baker so haven't tried my own yet.

              1. re: Jenny Ondioline

                I wish I could find those Herr's ketchup chips here in Las Vegas. We see lots of other Herr's flavors, but those are the best.

                1. Yeah - like some Donair sauce! :)