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Mar 24, 2014 04:05 PM

Coconut oil for 2014 pesach

Does anyone know if the spectrum brand is okay this year? Thanks

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  1. I believe it was the OU who said spectrum was ok last year. The only spectrum products listed in their Passover Guide for this year are extra virgin olive oils. That doesn't mean they're not but it's not looking good.

    1. IIRC, any extra virgin coconut oil with a regular hechsher is ok.

      1. I asked ou and got email response that spectrum unrefined virgin coconut oil is ok again this year. Don't confuse it with the refined labeled one as it is more readily available at the stores!

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            Update! From COR Canada. "We finally found some KFP coconut oil! Carrington Farms Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil (plain Star-K). It can be found at Costco in the GTA!"
            Not sure what brand is in USA Costcos but this ones in canada.

          2. I was just informed the big bottle at Costco is KFP!

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              Now we need your best coconut oil recipes!

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                    Pie crust for during the year or pesach? If you have a recipe for a pesach one please share!

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                      Crushed almonds or walnuts makes a good crust. Bake with a bit of melted butter and it's even better.

              1. whoa the Carrington Farms one is NOT KFP I called up and asked both them and Star K do NOT buy the Carrington Farms it is NOT KFP! Only spectrum unrefined I heard was ok!!

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                  Not that I use the product, BUT the poster downthread specifically quoted the COR in Toronto stating that the Carrington Farms product sold in Costco Canada was KFP. Why would you call a Baltimore agency to question an item sold in Canada?

                  There is an old maxim in kashrut................
                  Kashrus makom, kashrus. The kashrut of a community (meaning their standard) is kashrut. Ever heard the phrase "ask your local orthodox rabbi?" One doesn't overstep the rabbinic authorities in one community by bringing in an outsider to overrule them. The COR wasn't asked to rule on a product sold in Baltimore. As this is you first and only post on chowhound, I wonder why you do not have any direct quotes from either Carrington or the Star-K, CHs on this board tend to accept rulings from reliable rabbinic authorities, not unknown posters.