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Mar 24, 2014 03:38 PM

Foodie Favorites At/Near the Venetian?

I have about 36 hours in Vegas, and I'll be stuck working in my Venetian hotel room 8 hours on both days. It doesn't seem like any of the Chowhound faves are inside the Venetian or very close by.

Can you recommend anything at my hotel or, like, directly next door? I can go further afield for dinner, but lunch is going to have to be someplace I can get to and back from in about an hour—kinda tricky considering how long those Vegas blocks are!

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  1. Mrs. J
    Noodle Asia is quite good. They have excellent soups for a lunch tied-me-over. Only problem is they are very busy at lunch time. Maybe you could get preferential treatment since you will be a guest. The other in-house restaurant is the Grand Lux but you need to look at other people's dishes when you are seated. Their menu is humungous so it is difficult to decide on what to get. You can't go wrong with one of their sandwiches.
    The Peppermill is .8 mile north on the strip. I recommend highly. Check out their website. A bit of a walk, but for dinner the walk back would be nice.

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      I just had a pal recommend Noodle Asia too - definitely one to check out. Thanks!

    2. ...Carnevino is IN the Venetian. It is possibly the best steakhouse in America. Bouchon also serves a stellar brunch while Buddy V's does solid Red Sauce Italian. Add in Public House - a great beer list and fun, well crafted food.

      ...not sure what else you're looking for.


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        I guess I glossed over Bouchon cuz we eat at the one in Beverly Hills, but these are all great recommendations. I love the sound of Carnevino. Thanks!

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          We always enjoy breakfast at Bouchon - dining outside on their patio overlooking the Venezia pool. A hidden gem that opens at 7am. It's a great way to start the day.

      2. Actually you are in a very good spot in terms of food options, with plenty of Chowhound faves - if pressed for time no need to venture beyond the Venetian/Palazzo roof, which covers such a wide range. At lunchtime you can take a look at the offerings on restaurant row, where Delmonico, Pinot Brasserie, Public House and AquaKnox have lunch menus. Or upstairs in the Canal Shoppes you have Otto, Canaletto and Postrio next to each other. In the Palazzo, Table 10, Grimaldi's and Sushi Samba have lunch menu's upstairs, or you could drop down a floor to Morel's. And there are also B&B Burger and Beer,Taqueria Canonita and Buddy V's, along with the previously mentioned Noodle Asia and Grand Lux. That is a lot to sort through, so it may come down to your mood. If really pressed for time at lunch, there is also a food court for quick carry-out.

        One of the great aspects of that property is that it can almost be considered to be a small city in terms of the dining options. So in the evening you could even consider a menu crawl - it is actually not that inconvenient to have an appetizer at one location, an entree at another, and yet another for dessert. Sometimes our choices get determined by the particular specials that each place has on a given evening.

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          Wow, thanks for all this great info! I had no idea there was a restaurant row, and I love your idea of a menu crawl.

        2. Hop across the strip to the Mirage and have a juicy burger & marvelous milkshake at BLT Burger.

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            Verrrry tempting... surely my boss won't begrudge me a few extra minutes of walking for that!

          2. Bouchon, Pinot Brassarie, and Delmonico's are in the Venetian. Been to them all relatively recently and all good. Across the street T. Collichio's Heritage steak was outstanding a couple of months ago.

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              Glad to see the fellow Chowhounds doubling up on some of these recomendations. Thanks!