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Mar 24, 2014 03:31 PM

Restaurant Jezebel

Has anyone been recently? No menu listed on the website and it has the 5 course meal both with and without wine pairings as the same price which has to be a typo?

Anyone have first hand knowledge?

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  1. i haven't eaten there and don't know about the price, but Parind told me the menu is based on a conversation before dinner and is dependent on what he has on hand.

    1. I went there when it was on Congress Ave. We had the three-course blind tasting menu and it was fantastic. As ieatthereforeiam mentioned, the server discusses your likes/dislikes/allergies before the meal and they tailor the meal based on that. It was one of the better meals I've had in Austin.

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        I ate at that one also and did the tasting, but at that time they also had a separate menu you could order from.

      2. I went in early January and really enjoyed my meal. The server had a conversation with us before our dinner and asked us some questions about our food preferences and then we had a dinner based off of those answers.

        My dining partner had the wine pairing. If I remember correctly, it was $80, not $100, but my memory on it is hazy. They were generous pours and even though I did not order the pairing, because it was a champagne/sparkling wine (again, can't recall exactly) pairing with dessert and we were celebrating a special occasion, we both received a flute of it with refills. All of that considered, the pairing didn't seem very expensive in the end.

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          It's now $125 for the meal and an additional $125 for the wine pairing. They were large pours