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Mar 24, 2014 03:11 PM

Looking for a recipe for Homemade Energy Bars to ship to Afghanistan

My stepson has just re-deployed to Afghanistan. I'd like to send him a care package of homemade goodies -- healthy ones (no added white sugar, no marshmallows, etc.) And they have to survive a trip of at least a couple of weeks -- so nothing too fragile, perishable or that requires refrigeration.
Any ideas appreciated!

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  1. I don't have any recipe ideas but applaud your idea. My SO is over in the desert as well and packages are most welcome. Do you have a vacuum sealer? I imagine you could make any number of energy bar recipes and seal them well to ship.

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      Vaccuum sealing the bars is a brilliant idea. Thanks!

    2. I agree you need to vacuum seal any bar recipe, without added preservatives it is difficult to ensure a shelf stable bar like that for several weeks- and i know you don't want him to get a box of moldy treats!
      Maybe if you don't have one a friend/neighbor/co-worker can lend you one.

      I love this recipe, no funky ingredients here. After baking the entire tray cut into bars, then re-bake on a cookie sheet with space around them at just 200degrees for an hour, flip over, and bake another 30-45min til dry to the touch. The insides stay softer and the dried outside helps them keep longer. You can swap the dates for the same quantity of another dried fruit.

      1. Two weeks is a long time for home made baked goods. I used to make an energy bar biscotti that started out hard and dry and lasted longer than regular ones. I don't have the recipe but it was along these lines:

        Another thing to consider would be home made granola. That might last longer. And, as an extra treat, you could add M&M's to it. Someone brought bags of it to a ski weekend a few weeks ago. I finished it yesterday and it was still good.

        1. When my brother was deployed to Afghanistan, he constantly asked for protein bars. He didn't seem to care what brand but that was his one repeated request. Mail seemed to take 2-4 weeks to get to him (from the DC area), so I never tried homemade bars.

          1. On my son's first deployment to Afghanistan, I sent him homemade granola bars often. When he got home, he broke it to me that any home-baked goods, no matter how well packed, just didn't survive. I know that is disappointing to hear, since it makes us feel so much better to know they are eating something homemade! On his last deployment, I sent a lot of trail mix I made and just packaged into small ziplocks. I think they like having stuff they can just grab and go with. I also made him a lot of jerky. They seem to like things high in protein, and they certainly need it! God bless your stepson.

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