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Mar 24, 2014 03:04 PM

Lunch near GMU-Arlington, Clarendon, Virginia Square?

Hi. I'm going to a conference at George Mason U.'s Arlington campus.

Any suggestions for quick-but-delicious lunch spots in close proximity to Founders' Hall (3351 Fairfax Dr.)?


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  1. My favorite is Mario's, for the Lefty's Special Steak and Cheese. It isn't a cheese steak because it has mayo and extra ingredients, but it is delicious. And you will probably be served by Lefty himself.
    You will probably like the sandwich better if you get it without the sweet pickles, though.

    El Pollo Rico is nearby and has good chicken, but Mario's kicks it to the curb.

    1. I'd go for El Pollo Rico on tiny Kenmore St. Consistently the best Peruvian chicken around, which is saying something.

      1. steve, isn't there a new kabob place on wilson blvd. west of mario's but on the north side of the street?

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          I'm really not up on that, sorry.

        2. Ma La Tang is right there, and serves some very good Sichuan food. They specialize in hot pot, but also have a variety of dumplings and steamed buns, cucumber salad, and pickled vegetables for a quick and excellent meal.

          Full menu as well.

          1. near ma la tang is rockland's bbq on washington blvd., across from the giant.

            (essentially, the back side of the school ).