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Mar 24, 2014 03:00 PM

blanca vs. brooklyn fare

Fairly straight-forward question: Blanca or Brooklyn Fare?

Some background: Above all we're looking for good food—service, atmosphere, wine list, etc., be damned. We thought EMP was very good, but definitely had a couple disappointing courses (we went right when their format switched). We want to be full when we leave (which I've heard on this board isn't always true about Blanca? Can anyone confirm or deny?)

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  1. have not eaten at brooklyn fare but i was pretty full after my blanca meal - stretching the courses out over that time is a sure fire way for me to get full, even if the overall volume wasnt that that high (i think we had 26 or so courses). this was over a year ago at this point, so perhaps theyve dialed down serving sizes (i know for a fact that it is not due to me being a small eater).

    1. i've been to blanca once and BF twice, BF is no doubt better.

      At BF you will most likely get most of the following: hokkaido uni, various japaense fish, truffles, caviar, lobster, foie gras, matsusaka beef and those are just the dishes I can remember.

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        I've never been to Bianca, but BF's food is hard to beat. The menu has changed a bit , in that it moved from less cold to more hot food. The wagyu beef I recently had was amazing. He also makes a delicious chawanmushi.
        The OP asked for good atmosphere, I'm not sure BF offers any atmosphere to speak of. The 20 courses, however, leave one full and happy.

      2. Both reservations are difficult and test your patience.
        Let us know how you fare.

        1. Been to both once and I have to say for food, BF beats out Blanca and by a wider margin than I would've first imagined. I found the food at BF to be much more exotic and refined, with more pleasant surprises in tantalizing tastes. Blanca's food, while great in its own right, had more familiar flavors which leads us to the discussion on the environment.

          In terms of service, both places had professional and precision staff to support the elaborate tasting menus. The difference was in atmosphere and décor. Blanca eats BF's lunch every day of the week and twice on Sundays for look and feel. Blanca felt like you were at an old friend's house being served dinner at their newly renovated kitchen. You know, the one friend that made out very well and has impeccable taste in food, decor and music. Whereas at BF, it felt a little too sterile and too austere, where I felt like I might break the mother of pearl spoon for one dish. Throughout the dinner at BF, I felt like I was going to make a mistake or social faux pas eating the truly divine food (for example, I like to hum and bob my head when I eat something very delicious).

          Both places are worth going to, but personally I enjoyed the dinner at Blanca more, even though the food was better at BF.